Advertising traffic CPI (Cost per Install)

List of CPI (Cost per Install) Advertising Companies

CPA = (Cost per Action) - CPC = (Cost per Click) - CPI = (Cost per Install) - CPL = (Cost per lead) - CPM = (Cost for one thousand) - CPV = (Cost per View) - AN = (Affiliate Network)

Advertising CPI

Advertising Companies Type Country Rank CPI nl note 4.0/5 CPI ge note 4.0/5 CPI es note 4.0/5 CPI de note 4.0/5 CPI gb note 3.5/5 CPI hk note 3.5/5 CPI us note 3.5/5 CPI nl note 3.5/5 CPI us note 3.5/5 CPI de note 3.5/5 CPI pl note 3.5/5 CPI cy note 3.0/5 CPI de note 3.0/5 CPI us note 3.0/5 CPI us note 3.0/5 CPI il note 3.0/5 CPI fr note 3.0/5 CPI zz note 0.0/5

Advertising (CPI) Cost per Install

CPI is an acronym used to denote cost per install or cost per installation.The CPI is an indicator of the effectiveness and profitability of campaigns and marketing materials used in particular by the publishers of applications for smartphones or tablets or by the publishers of social games diffused on Facebook. The CPI is a very valuable KPI in application promotion strategies that can be usefully complemented by data on the subsequent use of installed applications.The CPI is also commonly used as a marketing analysis indicator for software publishers for paid and/or evaluation versions. The term CPI may also refer to the method of billing used by certain providers or platforms specialized in the promotion of mobile applications. In this case, the advertiser who wants to promote his application is billed to the actual installation of his application. An interesting look at the strengths and weaknesses of application promotion bills to the CPI.