Mobile traffic CPL (Cost per Lead)

List of CPL (Cost per Lead) Mobile Companies

CPA = (Cost per Action) - CPC (Cost per Click) - CPI (Cost per Install) - CPL = (Cost per lead) - CPM = (Cost for one thousand) - DSP = (Demand Side Platform) - MB = (Mobile Billing) - MC = (Mobile Content) - PPL = (Pay per lead) - PPA = (Pay per Action) - RS = (Revenue Share) - REF = (Referral % Commission Affiliate)

Mobile CPL

Mobile Companie Type Country Rank CPL fr note 5.0/5 CPL cn note 4.5/5 CPL bn note 3.8/5 CPL sg note 3.8/5 CPL cy note 3.7/5 CPL in note 3.5/5 CPL es note 3.5/5 CPL ee note 3.0/5 CPL in note 3.0/5 CPL de note 3.0/5 CPL us note 3.0/5 CPL mu note 2.7/5 CPL de note 2.3/5 CPL de note 2.0/5 CPL us note 0.0/5

Dating Platform CPL (Cost per Lead)

CPL is an acronym for (Cost Per Lead), it is a mode of performance billing that can be used within the framework of Internet marketing action. The medium used is paid by the advertiser according to the number of commercial contacts more or less qualified that are generated. The CPL is a method of remuneration relatively often used in affiliate programs, especially when the affiliate site is not a commercial site.